Macy Gray Concert Photos

Macy Gray has played packed shows all across the world playing in front of millions of excited fans. She has always put on an amazing show. One of the most valued parts of her road show that most people haven’t thought about is her concert photograhers.

Macy has had multiple photographers follow her around to every show she has played and they have captured so many epic moments along the way. The role of Macy’s concert photographer has been held by a number of great artists and they have provided us with some truly awesome images.

From the US to international tours, Macy’s travels have been captured for us to enjoy and remember her most epic concerts.

Macy’s concert photographers have all used thousands of dollars in photography gear to capture these images. No expense has been spared and her photographers have thousands of hours of experience photographing the top performers in the music industry. They have all used one of the top rated concert cameras to capture these great Macy Gray images.

The current tour photographer was trained during their recent residency at The Main Museum photography program where they learned the techniques they use during every show.