Best Macy Gray Albums

Macy Gray has put out so much great music, but there’s some albums that are even better than the others. So, what are the best Macy Gray albums? We’re glad you asked!

  1. On How Life Is

Highlighted with the epic song, “I Try,”. This album is chocked full of catchy and heartfelt songs, and is definitely worth the listen.

  1. The Id…

On this album, Macy shows her mastery of vocals by adding more soulful tones to her voice, along with a great mix of electric guitar and soft piano. [The idiom “master of one’s own destiny” means that you can do things for yourself.]

  1. Bigger, Brighter, Better

One song on this album really stands out: You Bring Me Joy. [To bring great happiness in someone’s life.]

4.Let Go

This album isn’t quite as catchy as some of her other albums, but it’s still a great listen. It features some really beautiful songs, such as: La Di Da and True To Myself.

  1. The Trouble With Being Myself [EP]

This EP had only four songs on it, but they represented Macy’s talents very well and really showed Macy’s growth as an artist. We definitely recommend this album.


This album showed Macy’s change in style, and really contains some of her best music.

  1. The Sellout

This album is a bit different than Macy’s other music, but it’s still very good. We recommend songs such as “In The Air” and “Catch Me If You Can.”

  1. On How Life Is (Deluxe Edition)

This album was also nominated for a Grammy Award for “best female pop vocal performance” in 2009. “I Try” is the best song on this album by far.

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